About Perry Law Firm

The Perry Law Firm was founded in 1920 by E. B. Perry, a former District Court Judge. Since its beginning, the Perry Law Firm has provided legal services to individuals, businesses and political subdivisions across the State of Nebraska. The Perry Law Firm has been privileged to have attorneys who have been active in legal and public service organizations in Lincoln, and the State of Nebraska as a whole. Over the years, members of the Perry Law Firm have gone on to distinguished careers in the judiciary, including Federal District Court Judge Robert Van Pelt, District Court Judge Earl Witthoff, Lancaster County Juvenile Court Judge W.W. Nuernberger and Nebraska Court of Appeals Judge Riko Bishop.

The Perry Law Firm is grateful for the trust and loyalty it has received from its clients since 1920. We have been active for over 90 years, serving our clients in a variety of areas. Whether they need an advisor, negotiator or an advocate, the Perry Law Firm has a team of attorneys prepared to meet the clients’ needs. We feel the size of our firm allows us to have a more personal relationship with our clients and work together as a team.

The Perry Law Firm is currently representing clients in matters involving school law, banking & business, estates, personal injuries, family law, and mediation.