Will Contests

Sometimes the death of a loved one brings with it not only the grief of a lost life, but disputes about the person’s property and how it should be distributed. Sometimes the will, trust or other estate planning documents created by a deceased person are subject to questions about their validity, the capacity of the person to sign the documents, or the influence a beneficiary may have exerted on the person when creating the documents. Sometimes issues arise regarding title to property, whether a deed to real estate was given to the person named in the deed, or whether assets were properly placed in a trust. These types of issues are very complicated and require that specific rules and procedures be used. Our attorneys can review the status of existing probate proceedings or analyze the will and other estate planning documents if you have a question about how property is being distributed after someone’s death. We have knowledge of the special rules and procedures and understand issues of capacity and intent. We can help you work through these difficult issues at a time you are grieving the loss of someone you love.