Civil cases

Taking a case to trial should be a last resort. It is expensive, emotionally taxing, and all parties involved grow further apart in how they perceive their conflict due to the adversarial nature of the litigation process. Mediation early in a conflict, before a lawsuit is filed, helps parties identify core issues and interests, and better understand the relevant laws that may affect their respective positions. This kind of awareness often motivates parties to move towards compromise, or perhaps even realize a position asserted may lack support in the law. Mediation should be a first step, and can be used in all types of disputes: product liability, worker’s compensation, personal injury, medical or other professional negligence, real estate, insurance, business, construction, commercial, employment, contracts, water law, and any other situation where people find themselves in a conflict so substantial that filing a lawsuit feels like the only next step. We encourage a different next step. In one day of mediation, Richard helped bring to conclusion a case that had been ongoing for two years.

When mediating these sorts of civil disputes, Richard Sievers brings a wealth of experience and knowledge about all types and varieties of litigation. His work as an established trial lawyer and appellate judge give him the credibility and trustworthiness important to a successful mediation. Richard’s use of facilitative and evaluative mediation techniques means that the parties will have an opportunity to be heard in an environment that is civil, respectful, and conducive to the parties reaching agreement. They will also have the benefit of his confidential evaluation of the strengths and weakness of their claims or defenses. Mediation provides a substantial cost savings, as well as certainty of outcome, and eliminates the stress and delay inherent in continued litigation.

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