Auto Accidents

In a split second an auto accident can change your life. By far and away, auto accidents are the most common personal injuries. At the Perry Law Firm, our attorneys handle serious injuries involving auto accidents. We do not address every fender bender that happens on the roadway. Instead, we specialize in cases involving serious injuries. Because we do not take every claim that comes to us and we focus on the serious auto accidents, our legal team is able to provide you with the attention that you need when you are dealing with issues that are unfamiliar to you.

Nebraska drivers are required by law to carry minimal liability insurance. Due to the high costs of medical care, often medical bills exceed the negligent driver’s liability insurance limits. When that occurs, injury victims need to turn to their own underinsurance coverage to help pay for their injuries. At the Perry Law Firm, our experienced legal team has worked with many insurance companies to protect our client’s interests by maximizing their recovery by working with both liability insurance companies as well as our client’s own underinsurance coverage.

Hiring our experienced legal team to walk with you through your serious injury claim can provide substantial benefits to you. Our legal team has the experience in dealing with insurance adjusters to protect our clients’ legal rights. We thoroughly investigate all of the claims we handle to preserve evidence, to ensure that all avenues of recovery are exhausted and to decide the most effective course of action to take. We aggressively work for our clients to resolve their claims through settlement or trial of their case.

Our experienced legal team handles all types of auto accident claims including:

• Fatal auto accidents

• Catastrophic injury claims

• Work-related auto accidents

• Auto accidents caused by defective car parts

• Railroad crossing accidents

• Trucking accidents

Our attorneys have successfully resolved many auto accident cases, including the following:

• Settled a railroad crossing case for a teenager who was thrown from a vehicle which was hit by a train, causing her to be paralyzed from the chest down. Our legal team spent time with the client to understand her life, and we personally spoke with the client’s doctors, nurses, and therapists so as to be able to present a compelling picture of how our client’s life had been changed due to her injuries. We also worked with Medicare and Medicaid and set up a Special Needs Trust for our client to protect her Medicaid eligibility after we resolved the case.

• Settled an automobile claim for $500,000 for a client whose vehicle was broadsided in an intersection of two country roads, causing the client’s vehicle to roll onto its side and land in a ditch. The client suffered several neurological injuries, broken bones and a partially amputated ear.

• Settled a claim for $3,000,000 for a young couple who suffered traumatic brain injuries when their pickup was broadsided by a delivery truck. They were the parents of three young children and both parents suffered severe injuries. One was confined to a wheelchair and the other was permanently blinded in the accident. We represented the mother of one of the victims in settling the personal injury case, but also worked with her extensively both prior to and after the settlement to handle her daughter and son-in-law’s affairs. We obtained guardianships and conservatorships for both victims and all three of their young children. In addition, we assisted the mother in negotiating prior debts of the couple; helped determine medical care and facility options that were covered by the couple’s health insurance; negotiated and worked with the husband’s military employer regarding its interest in the settlement proceeds; worked with a structured settlement company to provide a tax-advantaged settlement for the couple; worked with the mother in obtaining social security and VA benefits for the family; advised the mother regarding domestic relation matters that arose after the accident; and represented the mother years after the accident in handling the ongoing responsibilities of the guardianships and conservatorships.

• Settled an automobile accident claim for $650,000 for a client whose vehicle was struck head-on by a cement-pumping truck that had crossed the center line to avoid rear-ending the vehicle in its lane of travel. Our client sustained significant injury to his ankle as well as a number of broken ribs. Our legal team investigated and established damages by visiting with the client and documenting his injuries and rehabilitation throughout his recovery. This detailed information from the time of his accident and throughout his recovery greatly assisted in establishing his claim. While the client was semi-retired, our legal team was able to obtain a significant settlement on his behalf.

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The results obtained in any cases referred to in this website are based upon the specific
facts of each case. Each case must be evaluated upon its own facts and merits.