Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries are extremely severe injuries that often result in permanent damage requiring long-term medical care. Examples of catastrophic injuries include paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputation, and severe burns.

Our legal team has helped clients with catastrophic injuries. We helped a client who was a single mother of six children who suffered an amputation of her dominant arm just above the elbow. Our legal team was able to recover a substantial sum for her injuries. We also represented a client who suffered third degree burns to 65% of his body as a result of a plane crash. The client’s injuries resulted in more than $1,000,000 in medical bills. We worked with the client through the litigation process and helped him obtain a substantial recovery for his injuries, including the payment of all of his medical bills.

Our firm represented a young couple who suffered traumatic brain injuries when their pickup was broadsided by a delivery truck. They were the parents of three young children and both parents suffered severe injuries. One was confined to a wheelchair and the other was permanently blinded in the accident. We represented the mother of one of the victims in settling the personal injury case, but also worked with her extensively both prior to and after the settlement to handle her daughter and son-in-law’s affairs. We obtained guardianships and conservatorships for both victims and all three of their young children. In addition, we assisted the mother in negotiating prior debts of the couple; helped determine medical care and facility options that were covered by the couple’s health insurance; negotiated and worked with the husband’s military employer regarding its interest in the settlement proceeds; worked with a structured settlement company to provide a tax-advantaged settlement for the couple; worked with the mother in obtaining social security and VA benefits for the family; advised the mother regarding domestic relation matters that arose after the accident; and represented the mother years after the accident in handling the ongoing responsibilities of the guardianships and conservatorships.

We represented a man who was severely burned over a large portion of his body when the propane tank in his recreational vehicle exploded while being refilled at a gas station. In order to put ourselves in the best position to obtain a significant settlement, we educated ourselves on recreational vehicles, propane tanks and filling procedures, and industry fire prevention regulations and guidelines. We hired a nationally-recognized expert in the field of fire prevention. Because of these efforts, we were able to negotiate a large settlement for our client to compensate for the many months he was off work healing and rehabilitating, and for the pain and suffering he experienced while recovering from painful burn wounds.

The costs involved with catastrophic injuries are extremely high due to extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation. When facing a catastrophic injury that has occurred through the negligence or fault of a person or business, hiring an experienced legal team to help guide you through the many issues that accompany catastrophic injuries is your best option for obtaining the compensation you are entitled to receive. The legal team at the Perry Law Firm combines many years of experience in helping individuals and families across the state handle all aspects of catastrophic injury claims. This includes issues from setting up Special Needs Trusts to protect your Medicaid eligibility and to protect your recovery, to establishing guardianships and conservatorships for clients who are unable to make decisions for themselves due to their injuries. We pride ourselves in being a full-service law firm that will guide you through all aspects of your legal claims without the need to bring in other law firms. Your business starts with our experienced legal team and it stays with us during and after your legal claims are resolved. If you would like to speak to a member of our experienced legal team, please contact our office for a free consultation at 1-888-576-9200.

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