Trucking Accidents

Tractor trailers or semis are big trucks often weighing tens of thousands of pounds. They substantially outweigh automobiles that operate on the roads they share. Those smaller automobiles are at a distinct disadvantage when they collide with a tractor trailer. When semis collide with a smaller automobile, the result is often devastating or even fatal.

Our experienced legal team is also well-versed in handling catastrophic claims involving semi tractor-trailers. In the recent years, we have retained substantial recovery for clients, including a fatal tractor-trailer collision that resulted in a settlement of $800,000 for the husband of a woman who was killed when the semi ran a stop sign and t-boned her vehicle. It was necessary to perform a significant investigation into the accident to develop the facts. Such investigation included obtaining the black box of the semi, the log book of the driver, load information, maintenance records on the semi, as well as certifications. In this case, it was discovered that the semi operator was carrying a load of bricks within the trailer, in violation of federal and state laws. This information, along with damages and losses developed by our legal team, were significant in obtaining the result for our client. In addition to resolving the wrongful death claim, our legal team set up and probated the estate for the client that served as the personal representative.

Our legal team also represented the widow of an individual who was killed when he was struck head-on by a vehicle which had crossed the center line after being rear-ended by a semi traveling at an excessive speed. In addition to performing our own investigation, significant contacts were made with the Nebraska Department of Transportation and the Nebraska State Patrol to preserve and protect the state’s investigation. Numerous photographs, accident reconstruction, and surveillance photographs were obtained which assisted in establishing the negligence of the semi operator and not the vehicle that crossed the center line. Such a case shows that it is not only important to perform an investigation on behalf of the estate, but also to work with law enforcement on a local and state level.

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